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Akai ASQ-10


The ASQ10 MIDI Sequencer is designed to be a "musician friendly" sequencer that helps you make your music. It has advanced sequencing and editing capabilities that are unmatched by any other hardware or software sequencer~-99 sequences, 99 tracks, 60,000 note capacity, built-in disk drive, and enormously powerful step recording and editing features that allow intricate editing of MIDI events such as pitch, duration, velocity, modulation, program change, etc. The ASQ10 has more than impressive specs. It also has a large, powerful LCD display (8 lines x 40 characters) that allows you to quickly visualize sequence data and offers on-line help in plain, clear English. Sequence locations are displayed in both bar, beat, and clock numbers as well as SMPTE numbers. The operation of the ASQ10 is both intuitive and interactive. Most common operations can be performed with a minimum number of button presses. With all its incredible power, the ASQ10 is also fast and easy to understand so you can start recording and editing immediately.

The ASQ10 will record any real time performance from a MIDI instrument into one of the 99 tracks on any of the 99 sequences using the RECORD (while erasing) or the OVERDUB mode. A three point auto location feature allows you to swiftly locate any of Three points within a sequence to perform instantaneous punch-ins and overdubs. An auto punch-in and punch-out feature leaves your hands free so you can concentrate on playing. By building up tracks and sequences in this manner and driving MIDI sound modules, the ASQ10 becomes a powerful creative recording tool. Entire compositions and orchestrations can be performed entirely within the digital realm. Once your performances are recorded, they can be digitally edited and manipulated with precise detail. You can copy, merge, insert, delete, perform time signature and tempo changes, add timing correction (with the original note duration retained), edit individual MIDI events, and much more. You can also program an entire performance using the ASQ10's fast step recording capability. The ASQ10 has two MIDI inputs that let you simultaneously receive MIDI data from two different sources. In addition, there are 4 independent MIDI outputs to minimize any MIDI delay and to give you the most precise possible performance. To assure precise sync capability, there are 7 different sync modes including SMPTE, MIDI Time Code, MIDI clock with Song Position Pointer, and sync to 1/4 note clicks giving the ASQ10 unprecedented flexibility to lock in sync with just about any device. Syncing the ASQ10 to a multitrack greatly expands the already vast possibilities of this advanced MIDI sequencer.

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