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Yamaha An200


Typ: Synth
Tillverkarens hemsida:
Produktionsland: USA
AN200 is a 5-polyphonic mono-timbral Virtual Analog synth. It has 2 "VCO" with multiple modulation capabilities, 1 Multimode Filter, 1 Amplifier, 2 LFO and a Pitch Envelope. It also has morphing controls by Free EG and Scene Control, Control Matrix, Amp Simulator, EQ and one DSP Effects.
There is also a PCM drum machine and a Pattern Sequencer added.

AN has 2 Oscillators with several waveforms. The basic waveforms can be modified with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and the Edge parameter that controls brightness.
VCO1 can emulate Sync by itself without using another oscillator.
VCO2 can emulate FM by itself.
There's also a Noise generator.

¤Oscillator Modulation¤
VCO1 and VCO2 can interact with several Audio-range Modulations - Cross Modulation, Ring Modulation and Sync.

There are several filter types: LPF24, LPF18, LPF12, HPF, BPF and BEF - Band Eliminate Filter. The envelope is the simple ADSR.
There's also an independent HPF.

The envelope is the simple ADSR.
VCA Feedback puts the output signal back into the Filter, and creates fatter sounds.

Amp Simulator is built-in as a Patch paramter.
There's 3-Band EQ, and the DSP Effect includes Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser and Overdrive.

The 4-Track Free EG can record any parameter's morphing movements as long envelopes.
The Scene Control morphs the sound between two different patches.
The Control Matrix is the Matrix Modulation that controls any parameters.
There's a 32-polyphonic PCM (AWM2) Drum Machine, that has many effective drums, electronic percussions, and basses. Drum section has its own resonant filter without EG.

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