- Kommande evenemang Aktuella och kommande synthevenemang SE 180 [Festival]

I feel like its a silly question lol, but when did you ladies start dress shopping?<br><br>
Just to ensure you have enough time to allow for alterations and I guess to allow time to order things in...other things I havent considered, etc haha. Whats a good time frame to work with?
Ive been engaged since late Aug 2012, and the wedding will be Feb 2014, at first I thought id wait until about mid 2013 before I started thinking about it. But time flew by and im getting excited!<br><br>
I have in my mind the type of dress shape and silhouette. I have began to search the style online and I have a magazine clipping of what im looking for too.<br><br>
So do you think its still a litte early for me to organise the first dress shopping expedition? Or wait a few more months?<br><br>
Also, has anyone had experiences with buying wedding dresses in I fell in love with one of their dresses lol. I love such style.<br><br>
<a href=""><img src="" width="400" height="600"></a><br><br>
Thanks, any advice, stories or discussion on your first dress shopping expeditions welcomed!<br><br><br>
Vogon Poetry Releaseparty+live i samarbete med Synthaket [Klubb]
Boka in den 10 maj i kalendern redan nu!

Vogon Poetry tillsammans med SyntHaket Presenterar stolt "Don't Panic". Första fullängdaren med Vogon Poetry.

Hela kvällen går självklart i synthens tecken med flera välbekanta DJs och Vogon Poetry på scen.

Kom och ta en öl eller två (...eller tre) med oss och njut av skön musik före, under och efter livespelningen!

Entré: 60 kr inkl garderob
Entré + album: 100 kr inkl garderob

Mer info kring tider och eventet kommer inom kort!



With catchy melodies combined with dark gloomy lyrics Vogon Poetry is an invigorating touch on the Swedish music scene and succeeds to blend stories about everyday events with extraordinary travels in space and time and still get away with it.

“Don’t Panic” consists of tracks which spans a rather wide spectre with dancefloor favourites like “The Diceman” and “A fine day” to the more sombre version of the band found in “Land of forever” and “In darkness lost again”. Don’t Panic is an album in which you always acknowledge the touch of Vogon Poetry and still get enough variation to stay with it until the end and then start the journey over again.