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I feel like its a silly question lol, but when did you ladies start dress shopping?<br><br>
Just to ensure you have enough time to allow for alterations and I guess to allow time to order things in...other things I havent considered, etc haha. Whats a good time frame to work with?
Ive been engaged since late Aug 2012, and the wedding will be Feb 2014, at first I thought id wait until about mid 2013 before I started thinking about it. But time flew by and im getting excited!<br><br>
I have in my mind the type of dress shape and silhouette. I have began to search the style online and I have a magazine clipping of what im looking for too.<br><br>
So do you think its still a litte early for me to organise the first dress shopping expedition? Or wait a few more months?<br><br>
Also, has anyone had experiences with buying wedding dresses in I fell in love with one of their dresses lol. I love such style.<br><br>
<a href=""><img src="" width="400" height="600"></a><br><br>
Thanks, any advice, stories or discussion on your first dress shopping expeditions welcomed!<br><br><br>