- Kommande evenemang Aktuella och kommande synthevenemang SE Westcoast Open Air Festival 2015 [Festival]
A new Electro festival in Sweden.

70 km outside of Gothenburg.

Great place near the nature.

Camping and Hostel (80 beds)

We will have GoFundMe so you can make this happend
"There has been some questions about GoFundMe. We will payback every penny that all of you has contributing with"

More info will come soon!

2 stages
20 bands
Record dealers
and much more

Bands so far:
Leaether Strip (Den) Oldschool set
The Invincible Spirit (Ger)
Plastic Noise Experience (Ger)
Parade Ground (Bel)
Tyske Ludder (Ger)
Jäger 90 (Ger)
Klutae (Den)
Akalotz (Ger)
Cygnosic (Gre)
Sista Mannen På Jorden (Swe)
Container 90 (Swe)
Kord featuring Annie Gylling (Swe)
Blipblop (Swe)
Batch ID (Swe)
Guilt Trip (Swe)
Dr glas & assistenten (Swe)
Bête Noire (Swe)
Köln 81 (Swe)
Dpoint (Swe)
Octolab (Swe)

Dj U-Link (Swe)
DJ Flo Neo-X (Sui)

There will be Breakfast and food and drinks.

Synthpop, Ebm, Aggro, Industrial

Flights to Gothenburg;

Homepage for the festival

If you are a dealer of clothes, Records, etc take contact with us here. We have indoor venues for that. 2 X 300 square metre.

Mail us at]]>